<h1><center> ABOUT US</center></h1>


  • Near Projects Tanzania Ltd is a private company incorporated under Companies Act, 2002 with BRELA a Government Agency in Tanzania (www.brela.go.tz) . The company is registered purposely to;

    Integrate community projects with national and international Stakeholders

     Cooperate with private and public sectors in development projects, linking international volunteers with local projects

     Find sources of fund to local development projects, working in collaboration with international agencies in development projects

  • Near Projects Tanzania, movement started in 2015 before it was officially registered in June 2017. Its establishment was purposely an effort of supporting the local development projects national wide.

    About 71% of the projects visited by the founder members were facing challenges like insufficient labor power, lack of sufficient technical skills and minimal financial support from which the establishment of Near Projects Tanzania was inevitable.