Becoming a member you will be given access to contact all projects listed by hosts in our website for making volunteering arrangements direct with your projects of interest. Through volunteering you will be able to get firsthand experience in various projects including Agriculture (Farming and Livestock keeping), Education, Tour & Adventure, Real Estates, Accommodation, Home and School gardens, Tree Nursery, Building, Marketing and Vineyard while living a very local life at a very minimal cost.

Volunteers in this program will be anybody around the world willing to offer labor work in Tanzania. Volunteers will get free meals each day from the Hosts (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) at a very local lifestyle for all the days planning to stay and work with the host. On the other hand volunteers will only pay to the host each day an average of 7 USD per day and 49 USD per week.

Most of the hosts are struggling for their projects sustainability while living a very normal life, hence a small amount of fee charged for accommodation will help the hosts cover expenses like electricity bills, water bills, internet and at least have enough food for the project. Fees paid to the company 30 USD once a year, enables daily running costs like projects recruitment and verification national wide to over 26 regions.

Payment System

To Near Projects Tanzania an Individual Annual Membership fee of 30 USD may be paid through Western Union and Money Gram to our Finance Coordinator Mr. Martin Msangi of Physical Address; Sinza, Mori Road, Mamba street Dar es Salaam or Direct Bank Transfer.

You have to be at least 18 years to register as a Volunteer


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